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Barbados Deposit
Insurance Corporation

BDIC provides insurance coverage of up to BDS$25,000 for
depositors of commercial banks, as well as deposit-taking trust
and finance companies.
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Knowing that your savings are protected against a failure makes one feel confident about keeping their savings in banks and other financial institutions that are BDIC members. This benefits the country as it helps to keep the Barbadian financial system strong.


It helps to keep the local financial system strong, but what is it?


Discover what protection depositors of the banking system enjoy for their deposits under the law.


Under the Barbados Deposit Insurance Corporation's scheme not all deposits are covered.


See if your financial institution is a member of the D.I. Fund.

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 The Primary Provider of Deposit Insurance in Barbados

About BDIC

About BDIC

Learn all about the Barbados Deposit Insurance Corporation and its vital role in the financial sector safety net.

Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Here you can access the BDIC's library of downloadable documents and forms provided to assist you.

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Get acquainted with the terms often used by Deposit Insurers in describing aspects of their business.


Calculate Your Deposit Insurance Coverage

Deposit Insurance Calculator

Use our deposit insurance calculator to work out your deposit insurance coverage for insured DIC member institutions. The calculator is one of our resources which can help you better understand coverage.